Despair is a Greater Sin than Gay Marriage

The following was prompted by someone sending me this YouTube video The sender pointed out how sophisticated the medium was and how siren the message.  One despairs of answering it, and therein is the real problem.

It is discouraging that something so obviously against Natural Law is being accepted.  It doesn’t take the Bible to know this is contrary to the Natural Order; it takes eyes.  The acceptance of homosexuality is not, however, unprecedented.

To homosexuality is where fallen men apart from God’s grace always go.  All of the city state of Sodom believed homosexuality was acceptable.  All of Gibeah hundreds of years latter (Judges 19) arrived at the same point of fallenness.  Fast forward to St. Paul.  In Romans 1, he sees the acceptance of homosexuality as the crowning sin of a fallen society.

What is so different this time is that the institutional church has thrown in her lot with fallen government. This is what John sees in Revelation 13. Two Beasts – faithless state and faithless church – working in concert.  And Scripture says that it is given to them to overcome the saints, but they don’t win and we don’t lose.

Homosexual activists carried the day when they – as the feminist before them – succeeded in framing the issue as one of civil rights.  Now you’re a racist if you don’t accept homosexuality and feminism.  Again, what is so shocking is not that the world goes this way but the church has – and has been doing so for decades and decades.

What is funny – and this is alluded to in the video – is that while the homosexual movement has succeeded in getting the word “faggot” out of people’s mouths they have also succeeded in making “gay” a dirty word.  “You’re so gay.” “That’s so gay,” are always negative.  Yes the truth will out.

By the way, sins against the 2nd Table of the Law have always been stigmatized in society by name calling.  It’s permissible to call a child breaking the 4th Commandment a “brat.”  You can call the person who disregards the 5th Commandment a “thug,” “brute,” or “beast.”  You can call the breaker of the 7th Commandment a “scoundrel,” “cheat,” or “swindler.”  You can call the person who breaks the 8th Commandment a “liar,” a “gossip,” “unreliable,” or “untrustworthy.”  But you are a racist and homophobe if you call one who breaks the 6th Commandment a”faggot,” “queer,” or “light in the loafers.”  This too is not new.  Once the pro-abortion crowd legalized their immorality they started going ballistic being called “baby killers” or “murderers.”

In all this, our war is against despair.  We don’t want to conclude what those in Revelation 13:8 conclude about the First Beast, False Government. They also worshiped the beast and asked, ‘Who is like the beast? Who can make war against him?'”  We are not to be hopeless because we can see no earthly way of turning this tide or even answering such slick presentations as that rap video.  We don’t have to answer.  Indeed the picture Scripture gives us is world growing darker and darker and then the great falling away – apostasy – happens.  If it didn’t happen in the 18th century Enlightenment when Scripture and the Supernatural were thrown out, then it has most certainly happened now.

But how does it all end?  When the Lord Jesus sees that the last of His sheep have been gathered to the fold, He steps visibly back into history and instantly slays those in rebellion.  No muss, no fuss, no prolonged Battle of Armageddon. Because we see unbelief celebrated and winning on so many fronts, we are not to conclude in despair that the Church is losing.  We live not by what we see but by what He has told us.

Part of what He has told us is that no one has to live with the sin of homosexuality anymore than they do with any other sin.  There is forgiveness for and freedom from that too. While we are told we are racist for not accepting homosexuals in their sin, those supporting them in their sin are the real racist.  They are advocating homosexuals be kept in their chains.  Yes, I know the homosexuals themselves boast of their freedom, but you’re not free just because you’re able to mock, or even enjoy, your chains.  Black people call fellow blacks who don’t see their chains or enjoy them “Uncle Toms.”

Greater than the sin of accepting gay marriage is the sin of despairing over it.  Let us do neither so that we may help both.



About Paul Harris

Pastor Harris retired from congregational ministry after 40 years in office on 31 December 2023. He is now devoting himself to being a husband, father, and grandfather. He still thinks cenobitic monasticism is overrated and cave dwelling under.
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