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Draft Our Daugthers

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Dig This

“You’ve been thinking about dying? Dig this” is a great line from a great song from a great R&B group. Their answer to the posed question of thinking about dying not so much. It is to remind yourself “Everybody plays … Continue reading

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Mixed Messages – Visit to Holy Cross Lutheran Church (LCMS), College Station, Texas

Paul’s warnings about trumpets giving uncertain sounds (I Cor. 14:9), go unheeded by the modern church. Entering Holy Cross, College Station, Texas new sanctuary in April 2022, my sensory impressions were all sound stage not church. They have paid little … Continue reading

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“YouTube’s pre-eminent ‘Father Figure”

That’s what the dustjacket for Jordan Peterson’s 2018 bestseller 12 Rules For Life refers to him as. And if this really “is the voice of reason a generation has been longing to hear” better to be deaf.

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When Will They Ever Learn

Japanese businessmen wishing to break into the then lucrative Christmas card industry began selling their own. The image they chose for their first offering? Jesus kneeling in prayer and in agony in Gethsemane. In the immortal words of St. Maxwell, … Continue reading

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Pleasantly Surprised – Visit To Redeemer, Austin, Texas

               Over twenty years ago a confessional pastor after visiting the above’s 8 AM traditional service said, “There was nothing about the service that you would recognize as Lutheran.” So when I “attended” the 8 AM traditional service for 28 … Continue reading

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Let us be Content With “Is”

               20th Century Confessional Lutheran theologian Sasse said that the offense that once rested on the Cross now rests on the Altar. What follows are quotes and thoughts collected from many sources over many years that help to retain and … Continue reading

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Greater Things Than These

In a series of dramatic revelations the Lord shows the great abomination of the leaders of the Old Testament church culminating with their worship of the sun. He moves the narrative along saying each time that Ezekiel will see greater … Continue reading

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“Painting from 1860 depicts a time traveler using her iPhone”

Did you see this headline and the painting referenced ( Do you realize that more people find it easier to believe that this teenager is using an iPhone in 1860 than a young woman 15-17 years old is going to … Continue reading

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Warning Sevin Dust Needed

A Review Essay of The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims On the Way ©2011 by Michael Horton Introduction I keep corn for deer and hogs in my garage. I couldn’t figure out why  neither were stopping for it. … Continue reading

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