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Pastor Harris retired from congregational ministry after 40 years in office on 31 December 2023. He is now devoting himself to being a husband, father, and grandfather. He still thinks cenobitic monasticism is overrated and cave dwelling under.

Draft Our Daugthers

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Dig This

“You’ve been thinking about dying? Dig this” is a great line from a great song from a great R&B group. Their answer to the posed question of thinking about dying not so much. It is to remind yourself “Everybody plays … Continue reading

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How’s This for Cold?

In the bygone years of pre-internet, you only knew something if you read it or someone in authority told you it. I knew the expression “cold as a witch’s tit” and “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass … Continue reading

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“Have You Ever Helped Split a Church?”

That’s the first line of Joel Belz’s op-ed piece in the July 17, 2021, WORLD Magazine (“Menders or splitters?”, 8). You might not have before, but it’s highly likely you’re about to. And it will be over the equivalent of … Continue reading

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The Song May Remember When but the Internet NEVER Forgets

Trisha Yearwood’s 1993 song referenced above is deserving of an extended quote and better still a listen. I figured out how to add musical media so give it a listen. If not, these are the opening two stanzas.

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The Brother’s Grimm Couldn’t do Better

In the Brother’s Grimm oft told tale, The wolf knows he’s a wolf; Red Riding Hood knows he’s a wolf, and grandma does too, but the latter two are swallowed whole by the first in no time. And if you … Continue reading

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Close(d) Communion Across Three States

At the 2006, Texas District Convention, my congregation submitted the following resolution: Subject: To Clarify Synod’s Reaffirmation of Close(d) Communion

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Obergefell v Hodges – Nine Years In

You have to read the below carefully. It’s about the 2015 ruling that redefined marriage, as if that could be done. You might as well “redefine” gravity. That ruling recognized the right to oppose gay marriage for religious reasons. But … Continue reading

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Just a Tool?

But is it? Are smartphones, social media, tablets, smart watches, and more just tools? They can be used for good or bad. Sure they can be abused, but the ancient dictum applies abuse doesn’t destroy use. Executives in charge of … Continue reading

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A Statement of 46 Years Ago

The “Statement of the 44” made in 1945 was one of the sharpest turns the Good Ship LCMS ever made. Actually, the turn was made when they were allowed to withdraw it with no consequence, no repentance. It was a … Continue reading

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