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Danger – Close

(I titled this so, so I could remember what the draft was about. I am not for shortening sins. Porn for pornography is like living together for adultery, or sleeping together for fornicating. There is wisdom in calling a spade a spade. Particularly if those are right who say that behind Erasmus’ 16th century mistranslation is a wish to avoid the double entendre in the 2nd century Greek saying. Below is a sermon not so dated. I wrote this in 1994. I had the secretary retype it in this format because if I did it, I would edit as I go. And I wanted you to hear it as I wrote it 30 years ago. The sermon is based on Ephesians 4:17-21. In a May 1, 2023 blog I published a letter I had written to WORLD magazine in regard to an article that said pornography would not be dealt with till after the Baby Boomers had gone. I mentioned that almost 30 years ago this Boomer had addressed the issue from the pulpit. Here’s the original sermon.) Continue reading

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Giving Away the Farm

About the time the article below was written, Winter 1993, I contacted what once passed for Google: the reference librarian. You’d call up your local library ask to speak with him and ask anything. I called up and wanted to know the origin of the WW II saying “buy the farm.” English was not this man’s first language and he responded, “What farm you want to buy?” This, however, is about “giving away the farm.” Or the Closed Communion illustration of shutting the barn door after the animals have fled. This is what Conservative Lutherans did in 1993 and Confessional ones are doing now. Continue reading

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Visit to Divine Savior Church, Liberty Hill, Texas – Field of Dreams

This is a ‘mission’ start of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). You wouldn’t know this except for it saying so on the front cover the bulletin, in tiny print, but more prominently on their web page . I call this Field of Dreams because like the movie says: If you build it, they will come. This is the philosophy behind this ‘mission’ start. WELS has plopped down, whole and complete, a pre-k, elementary school, and a ‘church’ prepaid in the middle of a growing, kitschy, suburb of Austin, Texas called Santa Rita Ranch. The aforementioned website will tell you they have planted other Divine Savior Churches in Delray Beach, Doral (both English and Spanish), North Collin County, Sienna, and West Palm Beach. But just what are they building? Actually, the question is really what are you faithful Wisconsin Synod laymen building?  Continue reading

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The Juggernaut that is Civil Religion

In my first 10 years preaching on Sanctity of Life Sunday, I appealed to numbers. The numbers didn’t lie, but showed the enormity of what America was doing to itself via abortion on demand. Even in small states like Louisiana the equivalent of whole independent school district was being wiped out each month. Dead babies by the 1,000s just didn’t move people.

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The Crucified Dogs and the Golden Goose

This was written in 2014 and somehow never posted. It is a fitting warning for us dogs who won’t bark.

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Advent – Misty Blue?

Advent as a season of preparation for the Nativity originated in France. Its observance was general by the time of the Second Council of Tours, 567. In some places six or seven Sundays were included. When Rome adopted Advent, she limited the period to four Sundays as we now have.  It was probably not until the 13th century that Advent was universally recognized as the beginning of the Church Year. Up until that time it had begun with the Festival of the Annunciation, March 25, or in some places at Christmas.

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Grace Bible Church – Seeking Soft Hearts with Wrong Theology

               I attended a bilingual service of Grace Bible Church, Bryan, Texas on 1-2-2022. In summary, the contemporary songs, though repetitious ad nauseum, were far better theology than what was preached. Unlike other non-denom churches, these folks did actually sing. Like all the other contemporary services I’ve been to eliciting emotion was its aim.

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Blighted Thinking

(This was originally published by Christian News in 2021 and Life Issues February 2022 (

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From Fox News – Thousands of churches raise alarm about scope of new Canadian ‘conversion therapy’ ban

            This was the title of an email recently sent to me. It was based on a Fox News headline of January 16, 2022 which said in part, “An initiative begun by Liberty Coalition Canada and promulgated in the United States by Pastor John MacArthur of Los Angeles secured the support of more than 4,000 Christian pastors who publicly expressed their willingness to protest from the pulpit regarding” this. Here is my response below. If you attend Bible Class, and the sender of this email does, you’ve heard my answer to this many, many times.

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The Truth About Grief – And Why It Won’t Matter

The Truth About Grief came on my radar in 2012. The book is an exposé of the myth perpetuated in the name of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. I first heard about it, I think, on NPR. It is well-researched and well-reasoned, and will certainly change how you minister to the grieving and think about grief in general. But be warned. You’ll be swimming up stream, you’ll be with Bob “running against the wind.” Myth-busters, along with slayers of sacred cows, are the only groups lesser appreciated than a prophet in his own town. Below is the ad for this book that caught my eye. (PS. You can get this for a lot less than 26.00.)

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