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Better Health Poorer Christianity

The LCMS Concordia Plan Services has published Better Health for 29 years.  Based on James 4:4, I’d say any better health that they may promote is offset by the poorer Christianity they produce.

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It’s a Start Alright

Some faithful pastors and congregations have submitted a resolution to the 2013 LCMS convention officially opposing women serving in combat.  My church did that for 3 conventions, but it never made it to the convention floor.  Now that our government … Continue reading

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Separatistic or Unionistic

Neither one is Biblical.  To be separatistic is to separate from other Christians without Biblical cause.  To be unionistic is to have altar or pulpit fellowship (not friendship) without Biblical cause.  Of course, those of us practicing closed Communion are … Continue reading

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President Harrison Responds to a 31 year-old letter from Julia Child

It was April 1982, President Reagan had stepped up his support of Pro-Life causes and the famed cook Julia Child had stepped up her longtime support of Planned Parenthood.  She was doing a fund raiser in Memphis, Tennessee for them.  … Continue reading

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Despair is a Greater Sin than Gay Marriage

The following was prompted by someone sending me this YouTube video The sender pointed out how sophisticated the medium was and how siren the message.  One despairs of answering it, and therein is the real problem.

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A Decision Tree of Theology

It could be because of where I’ve been pastoring, but I don’t think so. It’s only been in the last 7-10 years that I have encountered people who have absolutely no religious background.  They don’t know Gideon’s fleecing has nothing … Continue reading

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