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Prepositions Rule

The sainted Dr. Buls said whole sermons can be written on Greek prepositions.  In Lutheran elementary school I was required in 6th grade to memorize the following poem.   Until by into after from Across against with toward on Among … Continue reading

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In Quest of Truth and Beauty

What is noteworthy to me about the Shrek movies is the princess who could chose to be beautiful some of the time choosing to be an ogre all of the time.  This strikes me as nobler then the King Arthur … Continue reading

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Don’t Even Bother to ask Your Doctor

Since the late 1990s prescription drug use has grown exponentially.  In large part this has been due to the “ask your doctor if _____ is right for you” ad campaign.  Doctors are hard pressed when you say, “I have these … Continue reading

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Private Confessions and Public Movies

In the movie Sleepers young teens sneak into the priest=s side of the confessional to hear a nice looking woman=s confession.  They are astounded when she acknowledges that they are not the priest but confesses her sins anyway. She unburdens her soul … Continue reading

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The Brotherhood of Sgt. Schultz

The CTCR has released it’s response to a 2007 convention mandate “To Provide Further Discussion and Guidance on the Matter of Serial Prayer.”  This goes back to 2004 Res. 3-06A where the convention commended for study Guidelines for Participation in … Continue reading

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