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Radio Shows Go Mercy Stays & Politics Rules the World

 Several members sent me Radio Silence by Mollie Ziegler Hemingway in the March 28 Wall Street Journal.  Here is what troubles me:

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Of Style and Substance

The following will enable those who haven’t placed me in the category of fundamentalist or uneducated to do so now.

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Heaven Waits for those who Congregate

Don Williams sang in 1980 that he didn’t “believe that heaven waits for only those who congregate.”  With due respect to the truth of country music in general and Don Williams in particular, I disagree.

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A Belated Review of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”

Four years seems long enough to wait before writing a critical review of a movie that the church for the most part praised.  It was thought to be a great vehicle for evangelizing, a great way to bring the Passion … Continue reading

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Everything New is Old

 All quotes are from the book I referenced in an earlier post: Sign of the Kingdom by Lesslie Newbign.   ” ‘The Evangelisation of the World in this Generation’ did

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Ministerial Health

   There’s an oxymoron for you: “Ministerial Health.”  According to some researcher somewhere the “average” minister puts in 55 hours a week.  He vicariously experiences divorce, death, and disease more times a year then he would like to remember. And … Continue reading

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