Great Book Cheaply Bound

               Concordia Publishing House published the book (Dis)ordered: Lies about Human Nature and the Truth that sets us Free. This will upset many. The last point I record him as making does me. But overall Rev. Esget is that guy who is willing to say, “Hey the Emperor has no clothes on!” and then point out the errors of conventional wisdom. If you love getting your theology from the internet, Reformed theology, and think psychology is part of God’s truth, get ready to be a hater. But if you had this creeping suspicions that these three are linked, you will be glad. Oh what’s with my title? This is a very cheaply bound book. It’s not ‘bound’ to last, but in point of fact, it is bound to last.

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From Synod, to Corporation, to Bodily Function, to a Typo

               It starts with the synod not being a church. Congregational polity rules the day. Then the Synod incorporates and must function as one. Synodical president, District presidents, and even Circuit Counselors – oops now visitors – as officers of a corporation can’t hear, or keep confidential anyway, anything that they hear in Private Confession. Can’t get any more unchurchly than that. Watch.

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Danger – Close

(This is sermon I wrote in 1994. I had the secretary retype it in this format because if I did it, I would edit as I go. And I wanted you to hear it as I wrote it almost 30 years ago. The sermon is based on Ephesians 4:17-21. In a May 1, 2023 blog I published a letter I had written to WORLD magazine in regard to an article that said pornography would not be dealt with till after the Baby Boomers had gone. I mentioned that almost 30 years ago this Boomer had addressed this issue from the pulpit. Here’s the original sermon.)

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Buy This Book

            In 1971 Abbie Hoffman’s book titled Steal This Book was published. It was a call and guide to “fighting against the man.” When I came to Trinity, Austin in 1999, Gene Veith’s Spirituality of the Cross was all the rage. This was the book to give to the non-Lutheran, particularly those coming from Reformed Christianity, to introduce them to Lutheranism.

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An Open Letter to Helen Andrews

This is another letter from the trashcan. This was about an article on pornography where the author placed blame squarely on Baby Boomers. I disagreed.

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“YouTube’s pre-eminent ‘Father Figure”

That’s what the dustjacket for Jordan Peterson’s 2018 bestseller 12 Rules For Life refers to him as. And if this really “is the voice of reason a generation has been longing to hear” better to be deaf.

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Brazos Fellowship – Having Church and Doing Worship

               Like all the Evangelical churches I have attended, it began with a 7-piece band doing a 3-song set. And the entire service could be summarized in the LCMS’ 1990’s giving campaign: His Love, Our Response. Evangelicalism to some degree is about God’s Love, but it’s ALL about OUR response. When someone indicates to you that they want church or sermon or Bible Class to be more practical, to be more about what they are to do, they are saying they want Evangelicalism. Once Evangelism infected Lutheranism in the 80s, we’ve been forced to deal with the oxymoron Lutheran substance – Evangelical style. Sorry, when these two get into bed, an Evangelical church is spawned.

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Understanding Depression Through Love Sickness

               This is my third post on things psychological that I advise you not to read. This is not mainstream thinking. If that’s where you are, you will consider me nuts. Remember I claim no expertise in this field. I do know what is to be personally depressed, panicked, and obsessed. I don’t think the “depression as disease” model that carries the day, not only in secular society but Christian, is helpful.

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You’ve been Warned

This is for pastor’s only. If you are a layman, turn around now. I’m not kidding. I’ve shared such thoughts below in Bible classes and it bothered some. I can’t blame them. It bothers me. But you don’t need to be bothered at all. Turn back now. Don’t click the read more.

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When Will They Ever Learn

Japanese businessmen wishing to break into the then lucrative Christmas card industry began selling their own. The image they chose for their first offering? Jesus kneeling in prayer and in agony in Gethsemane. In the immortal words of St. Maxwell, Smart that is, “They missed it by that much.”

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