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               Concordia Publishing House published the book (Dis)ordered: Lies about Human Nature and the Truth that sets us Free. This will upset many. The last point I record him as making does me. But overall Rev. Esget is that guy who is willing to say, “Hey the Emperor has no clothes on!” and then point out the errors of conventional wisdom. If you love getting your theology from the internet, Reformed theology, and think psychology is part of God’s truth, get ready to be a hater. But if you had this creeping suspicions that these three are linked, you will be glad. Oh what’s with my title? This is a very cheaply bound book. It’s not ‘bound’ to last, but in point of fact, it is bound to last.

Pride – Simple but memorable way to evaluate the various ‘pride’ movements

“Whereas God’s Word sees pride as the chief vice, the teaching of the world makes pride the chief virtue” (Esget, (Dis)ordered, 16).

Epistemology – 3 kinds

There are those who combine natural knowledge of the world via observation with deductions gotten from the scientific method with a trust in the revealed knowledge of God in the Bible. This is classical Christianity. Those who rely on only natural knowledge [and, I say Esget doesn’t, a scientism that denies anything beyond measurable reality]. This is the Rationalists. Finally, those who today who believe that the only truth that can be known is via feelings. This group Esget terms “emotivists.” They speak of your truth, my truth (Esget, (Dis)ordered, 18-19). (Let the woke wake to this.)

Reformed – purpose of man vs Confessional Lutheran

(Westminster Shorter Catechism first Q&A is “What is the chief end of man? A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, [a] and to enjoy him for ever.” If it’s understood that we glorify God best and enjoy Him rightly when we receive His good gifts and grace as unworthy, this is fine. But this is not how Reformed people have explained it to me.) Esget sums up the Lutheran approach. “God wanted someone to love, someone to receive His gifts, someone to share His joy in all His works” (Esget, (Dis)ordered, 24).

Transgenderism – eerie link to Transubstantiation

The argument is similar. Transgender ideology claims that a person’s biological characteristics, every outward appearance can be male, but their true essence or substance can be female. In Catholicism the power of the priests changes the substance of the bread and wine into Jesus’ body and blood, but the accidents, i.e. outward appearance of bread and wine remain. (I add, but think Esget implies: that in transgenderism the individual’s decision does it.) (Esget, (Dis)ordered, 29).

Psychology – The truth has finally outed

We subjectively interpret our lives and world with psychology more than the “objective criteria of creation (science) and the Creator (theology). It is imperative to ground personal, family, and church life in the primary relationship between the Maker and the made (the vertical more than the horizontal). The problems we label psychological are more properly understood as stemming from the cosmic problem of corruption. God’s Word call this ‘the fear of death,’…” – “…human anxiety, mental illness, and grasping for power and possessions all originate in what the Bible calls ‘the fear of death,’ which hold humans in bondage (Hebrews 2:15)” (Esget, (Dis)ordered, 29-30; 33). (We ain’t at the year 2525 but Zager and Evans are write. “Everything you think, do and say/ Is in the pill you took today.)

Internet Preaching –

“Some pastors have left congregations to move into full-time video ministry….While their teaching may be scriptural, their message has subtly shifted from the Word to the icon (not the face of Christ but the face of the video preacher). While selfie-preaching, the face of the preacher becomes the message, potentially wreaking havoc on the messenger’s soul in the process….Avoid selfie-preachers and disincarnate churches where one cannot have a personal relationship with the pastor” (Esget, (Dis)ordered, 72). (N.B. He warns both the preacher and hearer.)

Christian Education – saying too much

The author is in favor of Christian Day schools. He says because often the day schools are in parts of town where property is expensive, it means a long commute. Then says: “These parents trade a serious Christian upbringing for a comfortable, luxurious dwelling at a lower cost. It seems like a lifestyle choice, but only later, after seeing the effects, did I fully realize it is sin” (Esget, (Dis)ordered, 111). (We homeschooled till high school and then public high school after that. The Lutheran high school being operated by Lutherans but not Lutheran. Still, you which pig hit with the rock by the one that squeals. Oink. Oink.)

Esget for Synodical President in 2026! Meanwhile, give his book a decent binding.

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Pastor Harris retired from congregational ministry after 40 years in office on 31 December 2023. He is now devoting himself to being a husband, father, and grandfather. He still thinks cenobitic monasticism is overrated and cave dwelling under.
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