I Know What Got Sodom So Pi**ed at Lot – Visit to a Metropolitan Community Church

P***ed is a vulgarism now accepted by society. There are some expressions the Army uses that are still vulgar and unacceptable to society. Nevertheless, they express accurately certain situations. And it’s accurate to say the people of Sodom were pi**ed at Lot; now I know why.

Genesis 19:9 records the men of Sodom saying, ““This fellow came here as a foreigner, and now he wants to play the judge!” My wife, leaving the 1.5 hour long service, said, “You can’t go away from that service without knowing they are blessing homosexual love.” This was evidenced by the uniform practice of kissing your same-sex mate after communing and celebrating Mark and Lyndon being “35 years together today” and Velma and Darlene “3 years together”.

There were six “baptisms.” I put this in quotes because I’m not sure what they were. They baptized “in the name of God who created you, in the name of Christ who redeemed you, and in the name of the Spirit who strengthens and sustains you.” They avoided that gender-biased name Father. Only one time did they make reference to Your Son. In a church that styles itself as being “without walls” anything like an Order of Creation would be too confining. So it is to all secularist, liberal religionists, and Missouri Synodists who follow Synodical resolutions, reports, and studies stating the Order of Creation only applies to the pastoral office and probably to the home but certainly not outside those walls. Here we’re getting closer to what got Sodom so pi**ed at the one II Peter identifies as “righteous.”

Horizontal friendship and relationship was everything to this congregation. The vertical relationship was seldom referenced and it was taken for granted that God thought like they did. They did have a sort of liturgy. They had a processional and recessional. They had no gowns but anyone who did anything in the service wore a stole. Really they were more like boas. Think that’s too stereotypical? Think again: the entire service was based on the musical “Wicked”. The preacher and the officiant had actual green stoles on with regular clothes. They sang “What a Friend We have In Jesus” but to a tune that was not sappy. The only “Scripture” reading was from Sirach 6. The self-described lesbian pastor accurately explained what an Apocryphal book is. Then they sang in response a verse from that 1960’s contemporary church theme song: “They will Know We are Christians By Our Love.”

There were two distinct groups here. Men and women in their 50’s and 60’s who ran the show and exuded confidence in their gayness and young people trying to be happy in their gayness, transgenderness, or LGBTQ-ism. These looked miserable. It takes a while to be habituated to any sin even when the whole world tells you it isn’t sinful any longer. I felt compassion for them for not only did they lack a shepherd, they had wolves for shepherds.

The sermon was more prepared than most. The pastor had written it out. The delivery was articulate and the outline followable. To summarize it in a sentence: be friends with anyone and accept everyone as they are. She did make one statement where she mixed up her “science” with her “theology.” She said: “We are socially conditioned to see anyone who is different as a threat.” Not according to Darwin. We are biologically conditioned to see anything that gets in the way of our reproducing as a threat. Hence the problem with her theology that says gayness is great and to be accepted by all and her science which says since gay people can’t reproduce they are a threat to society.

Before getting to why Sodom was so pi**ed at Lot, let’s look at their “communion”. Like the Reformed, the Evangelicals, the Liberal Lutherans and virtually all other churches save Confessional Lutheran, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic, they practiced open “communion”. In “The Invitation to Communion” the pastor likened the practice of not letting some attend Communion to the Jules Verne’s story where balloonists throw everything overboard to keep the balloon afloat. The one thing they didn’t throw overboard was people. We who won’t let everyone commune are doing that. There website tells you where all open communion-ists will logically end up: “You do not have to be a member of this church or any church to share the communion meal. You may come to the table by yourself or with friends or family, and you will be offered a communion wafer dipped into grape juice…”.

One last tangent before I get to what got Sodom so pi**ed at righteous, i.e. in Christ, Lot. Every single political, social, moral issue that is asserted by the left was championed at some point in this service. Again and again we were admonished, cajoled, encouraged to speak up for the disenfranchised, the homeless, the immigrant, the single parent. The only group that was not mentioned – even animals were – was the most defenseless of all: the unborn.

The True God does not confront you at this church. Secular, fallen man in all his open mindedness, in all his “love”, in all his authoritative judging does. Nothing, I mean nothing, can be judged by God to be evil, wrong, or sinful that man doesn’t agree with. What got the people of Sodom so pi**ed at Lot was not that he called their evil, evil. No, he dared to judge what was good to them to be evil. I’m sure Sodom was an open society, a city without walls, where they sang “Everything is Beautiful In Its Own Way”. They got fried when righteous Lot, in God’s name, said, “No, it’s not.”

About Paul Harris

Pastor Harris retired from congregational ministry after 40 years in office on 31 December 2023. He is now devoting himself to being a husband, father, and grandfather. He still thinks cenobitic monasticism is overrated and cave dwelling under.
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