From Amazons to “Fearless Girl”

            This is a link to the article “Standing with the bulls” by Jane B. Cheaney published in the May 2017 WORLD Magazine (p. 14): If it doesn’t work, my October-November 2017 newsletter will have it printed. The article refers to the statue in this picture.

Fearless Girl

The genesis of the following comments below is not, however, this article. I began ruminating on this subject when I first heard in January 2017 that the word Amazon literally was the alpha privative attached to the Greek word for ‘breast.’ I marveled that in decades of reading about feminism and feminist’s writings I had never heard that. I think below explains why. However, even a “folk” etymology says something about how people see the facts. No, this observation is not the favorite refuge of psychobabblers and churchmen everywhere that “perception is reality,” but the truth that words or their origins invented by men say something about the facts.

The WORLD Magazine article applies to LGBTQ issues, women in combat, marriage, and men and women in general. A fact not mentioned in this article is that the French painting “Liberty Leading the People” which commemorates the 1830 overthrow of the Charles X portrays Liberty as a lady leading her people with her right breast exposed. Take this factoid into account when considering that the legendary Amazons of the Greeks literally means a = without + mazos = breast. This supposedly referred to the fable that the Amazons cut off their right breast so that they would be able to draw a bow properly. My 1972 Webster’s Unabridged dictionary says this is “Greek folk etymology” which Google explains as “probably a popular etymology of an unknown foreign word.” Others say the word comes from the Iranian word for warrior or a Slavic word for “without husbands” (

What is worth noting to me is that in 19th century popular thought a woman led by exposing her sexuality but in the 5th century BC for a woman to be warrior she had to lose some of her sexuality. Let such insights incite you to realize that if we do nothing to educate our children on the God-given and God-gifted differences between men and women, if we ignore what LGBTQ-ism is doing to language, thinking, and acting, our children will develop an understanding that produces, accepts, and promotes either Lady Liberty or Amazons, both misuse their God-given sexuality.

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Pastor Harris retired from congregational ministry after 40 years in office on 31 December 2023. He is now devoting himself to being a husband, father, and grandfather. He still thinks cenobitic monasticism is overrated and cave dwelling under.
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