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Shards of Death

By now you’ve heard of the famous atheist Stephen Fry’s rant against God. It happened on February 1, 2015. Google it and you can hear the whole spiel.  What is funny to me, no it’s sad, is that so many … Continue reading

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“These are Men Who Jump and Die”

For weeks, maybe months, in 1966 while my mom was shopping for groceries I was at the soda fountain in the Muir’s drug store with my father listening as Barry Saddler sang the “Ballad of the Green Berets.” One of … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a 100% Participation

That’s what a postcard from LCMS, INC. HQ said.  And they even quoted the Bylaw, emphasis on the second syllable, which says this really isn’t a “let us” but a “you had better.”

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Boom! Changes Everything

Fox has a new summer show titled Boom! and does it change everything? No, it shows everything really has changed.

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The Dark Half

Those who know say you should always use some sort of visual for a blog. They get more hits.  I don’t because I don’t know how, and don’t care enough to learn. That is the Luddite me at his worse. … Continue reading

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