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You’re Standing in the Wrong Line

The Revered Doctor Norman Nagel was a pastor in post-WW II England. He said of those standing in line at churches to get help for physical needs that they were standing in the wrong line. That sounds harsh, but just … Continue reading

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The Voyage of the Damned

This is the title of a 1976 movie and 1974 book based on a true WWII era event. A ship with over 900 Jews sailed from Germany to Cuba in 1939 because of the rising tide of anti-Semitism.  Cuba wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Ever learning, but…

You know when a person says something and then says “but” that he is about to modify, and usually in a bad way, what he has just said.  You would think “ever learning” has got to be a good thing.  Not … Continue reading

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Justin Long-Lived

That wasn’t his nom de guerre. Martyr was. There was a reason for that. He was an apologist not a satirist. About the same time Justin Martyr was making a defense for the Christian faith Juvenal was satirizing the Roman … Continue reading

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