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There is such a word.  Merriam-Webster online defines it as follows: with “womanly constancy or spirit.”  I couldn’t find the word at all in my 1973 Macmillan Dictionary or in my 1983 unabridged Webster’s.  Methinks this is another word made … Continue reading

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Chances Are

            In the late 1950s Johnny Mathis sang “Chances Are.”  I’ve never liked that song.  Though it ends with the line “The chances are your chances are awfully good!” I always thought there shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Faithless in Big, but Faithful in Little?

The LCMS, Inc. or some such entity connected with this behemoth wants to do for your church’s finances what LCMS, Inc. has already done to your doctrine. Don’t let them.

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Just like China and North Korea

“You’re just like China and North Korea” is what those promoting the gay agenda say to Christians who don’t want their marriages gay or their children propagandized.  And you know what? They’re wrong; we’re worse.

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