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A Mourning Person

People will usually describe themselves as either a morning or a night person.  The Lord doesn’t care for as the hymn says, “Day and night are both alike to Thee.”  Some people do, however, care.  Lord help you, and I … Continue reading

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It started with the goddess

It started with the self-proclaimed “Digital Goddess” Kim Komando.  It was exacerbated by sports commentators saying this or that player was a “god.”  It burst into flames when the PBS cook referred to another as the “goddess of flambeau.”

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Laughing and Crying with Strange Bedfellows

Either I’m not being sent the memos or I don’t know where to pick them up.  I didn’t get the memo that the confessional position had changed on the order of creation.  The roles of men and women now apply … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

A cereal named Ezekiel 4:9 has just shown up on my grocers shelf, and even for a town that prides itself in keeping things weird, this is weird.  Here’s what the package says, “As described in Holy Scriptures ‘Take also … Continue reading

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Setting Out for Elert but Not Even Making it to Akron

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas wants to be a confessional Lutheran congregation.  You might say they want to get to Elert, but they don’t even make it to Akron.

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